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Crucial points for distributors

According to McKinsey& Company management consultant report (April 2019) Industrial distributors
should expect a coming shakeout during the coming years. The survey has encompassed many industrial
distributors. .Auto parts, electronics, electrical, general industries, metals, and IT to mention a few. The
report stated the fact that industrial distributors are now and for years to come, are affected by the
powerful trends that have disrupted industries and manufacturers around the world. One of the
important factors that will help industrial distributors to stand such a shakeout is technology and e-
commerce, Mackinezy says. For industrial distributors “, critical capabilities such as e-commerce
platforms, mobile tools, real-time product availability, and delivery tracking set the winners apart.” The
results of the study indicated that companies that have adopted technology early, outperformed those
who are at the beginning of their digital journeys. McKinney also emphasizes that every industrial
distributor needs a clear digital strategy and redesigning of customer journeys. A digitally-enabled
the distributor provides their sales team with 360-degree views of customers that will help them in targeting
products to customers.” In the years ahead, we expect the gaps between the digital haves and have
not in industrial distribution to get wider as customers increasingly expect fast, easy, omnichannel

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