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More than 62% of the population worldwide already owned a mobile device. The number is increasing day per day especially in developing countries. According to Statistica, The percentage of Mobile device web traffic has increased from 31.16% in 2015 to 52.6% in the Q4 of make these numbers simple, Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. As a B2B business what does these numbers means to you? First, it means that, if you are not applying a mobile-first strategy then you are ignoring more than 50% of your potential leads. Second it means that mobile has become a primary charnel for media consumption. Many studies and researches in B2B mobile using have revealed interesting facts. First, mobile devices drive over 40% of B2B ecommerce sale for leading organization. Second, According to Forbes, B2B ecommerce will grow to $6.7 trillion by 2020, with most sales being mobile. This trend will make the B2B eCommerce market two times bigger than the B2C market ($3.2 trillion) within that timeframe. Third, researches also indicate that mobile speeds sales, which both accelerates revenue coming in and reduces costs. Mobile can improve efficiency in decision making and enhance team collaboration, and accordingly it can accelerate time to purchase by 20%.

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