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Compared to their B2C counterparts, B2B buyers make purchase more often and for more volume, and if they enjoy simple and transparent buying process they will stick to that vendor. This implies that a B2B ecommerce mobile app tends to pay for itself quickly, with very little chance of it being net-negative. This is true especially if you are using Order Era mobile application which has redefined B2B business concepts. In this online marketplace app, each distributer gets to have his own store and channel, and he can easily manage his page, add/remove items and even have some promotional sales. It’s the best place for wholesalers and retailers for doing B2B e-commerce. It’s has got the best features that sets it apart from others. It’s clean and neat design with fresh intuitive user interface, makes it easy to use. It’s secure, reliable and it provides the best B2B solutions. The good news is that it’s free and you can download it from here

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