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As a traditional B2B business you need to take an omnichannel approach. Consumers now want to interact with you on various platforms. As reported, one-third of B2B buyers want to buy 90% or all of their professional purchases online. Most B2B buyers today only willingly seek offline help when the online experience is full of friction. To make a long story short, e-commerce is a critical and non-negotiable part of your B2B sales strategy. A proven fact, the B2B buyer journey is a complex process. It’s not a straight line from point A to point B. The use of technology and mobile has disrupted the traditional buying experience now and it will. In a survey by Accenture Three-quarters of respondents indicated that being able to look up product information across channels was important or very important when making work-related purchases online. This takes consistency with your sales approach, whether customers are using mobiles or desktop at work or come to your location. In the present computerized society, it’s increasingly common for multiple channels to be involved in a single purchase, and that is actually the sort of customer experience that an omnichannel approach underpins and empowers.

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